Folks, we are hearing more and more about the terribly flooding which has gripped large parts of Bosnia and Serbia this spring.  The worst flooding on record is devastating some of the poorest regions of some of the poorest countries in Europe. Please consider donating whatever you can spare to help the victims of this catastrophe. The m9 is pleased to have the opportunity to perform at a benefit show this Sunday night after Folklife at the Sarajevo Lounge in Seattle. We are asking for $10 or whatever you can spare at the door, with the money being split between organizations directly helping in Bosnia and Serbia. Also on the bill will be Orkestar RTW, Balkanarama, Dromeno and the Bucharest Drinking Team. Another benefit at Sarajevo Lounge is scheduled to take place on Saturday with members of Kultur Shock and more benefits are planned going forward. Spread the word about this situation and about the benefits to your friends and family, please.

Saturday Night:

Sunday Night:

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