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After our members traveled to points around the globe this summer, we’ve reassembled and we’re ready to rock. Six members of The m9 traveled to Macedonia and Serbia to study during the months of July and August, culminating in a visit to the 57th Annual Congress of Brass Players at Guča. We were lucky enough to travel, study and perform with members of malagrupa (Vancouver), Fanfare Zambaleta and Inspector Gadje (SF), Raya Brass Band (NY), and many others. We had the honor of studying with Ferus Mustafov, Demir and Delsin Kanturovski, Nebi and Senat Kanturski, Orkestar Vesela Družina, and Picikato Brass Band (Macedonia), and Novica Cerimovic (Serbia), and of performing with countless master Romani musicians from Berovo to Šutka, from Vranje to Belgrade. Thanks to all those who made this trip both memorable and transformative.

Now, we’re back with new music, a new instrument, new skills, new styles and a fresh injection of Balkan energy to share with the world. We’ve just returned from our second performance at Balkanalia! in Portland, and we’re ready for a busy schedule including Kultur Shock and a trip to Canada. Look for more exciting things from The m9 this Fall and beyond!

On Thursday, March 31st at HONK!TX’s Brass Band Blitz 4 in Austin, TX, The m9 will release our debut album, Surdulica. On April 23rd, we will host a release party at Cafe Solstice in Seattle for all of our friends, fans, and family. We can’t wait to share the music, so tonight, tune in to Blues and Bluster on Hollow Earth Radio from 11pm-1am to hear a sneak preview.

Meanwhile, check on our Album Page for more information, and if you haven’t seen it, watch this ridiculous video promoting our trip to Texas, and the album.

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